Xetrader.co Review – Xe Trader Scam by Option Xpert

Today I want you to know about my xetrader.co review. This is software by option Xpert and in this xe trader app signals are sent my human traders. They claim 70-90% itm signals on daily basis but my results are shocking.

XeTrader.co Review – My Shocking Results

Name – Xetraderxetrader.co review

Website – Xetrader.co

Cost – Muti Broker Signup

Owner – Keith

Overall Rank – 30 out of 100 Points

XeTrader.co Review

Ok guys, I know you want straight forward review of xetrader.co and I will not waste your time telling you nonsense here. They claim 70-90% itm signals on daily basis but I got 70-90% otm signals. Checkout the video for proof.

As you have seen in the video results from xetrader.co are really disappointed. They told me that I can choose 2 features after registering with 2 brokers.

I registered with 2 brokers and elected push signals and sms alert. But even after lot of message to them over Skype they did not provided me sms alert.

xetrader.co review

Final Conclusion :-  Guys I was expecting quality service from xetrader.co but it is not a good service. They require 6 broker registrations to provide all 6 features but their main features are push signals, ben signals and sms alerts.

I tried them and spent quite reasonable time but these signals are not worth it. They lose in a row and customer service is not good.

Keith review other binary option software on daily basis but his own service which he recommends is not good. Option Xpert provide training and teach people how to trade but how can they teach others if their own service is so bad.

Guys if you have tried xetrader.co then please share your results and also share this review with others so that other people can know about this.

Everyone in binary option industry recommending optionbot and xetrader so those who are recommending this are also cheating people. Optionbot used to give commission of upto $800 to affiliates. So most of binary option website recommend optionbot so that they make more money. This xetrader.co review will definitely create problems for some big player.

Trade safe guys and stay away from xetrader.co

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