Top 10 WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

In my last post, I told you how to get your free WordPress blog with free hosting. If you still have not created your blog, then click here to get it for free. There are thousands of plugins but you can’t use all of them for your WordPress blog. Plugins are the easiest way to get any functionality you want in your blog. These are easy to use and hence anyone can have a blog fully functional within minutes.

top 10 wordpress plugins

Why Plugins Are Needed?

If you want to insert tracking code in your blog, then you have to place it in your code. This is not an easy task if you are not familiar with html or php. But now you can install a simple plugin by one easy click and paste the tracking code there. That’s it. Similarly for any of the task you want to do, you will probably find a plugin. Hence plugins are the lifeline of blog.

Everyone have their own list of favorite top 10 plugins, Here is my list.

1. All in One SEO Pack:- This plugin allows you to insert your blog title, keywords and description. Hence it help you to make your blog search engine friendly. All search engines like Google, yahoo want to know what your particular page is all about. And you are providing that information by telling description of that page or post. So basically this plugins help Google to find out the content. This is the best plugin every people must use to get better ranking for your pages.

2. All in One Webmaster:- This plugin is not used by too many but still this is a great plugin. Using this plugin you can put tracking code of Google analytics, Clicky, Compete etc. Over all this is a plugin for tracking your blog without make change in our code.

3. W3 Total Cache:- This plugin is widely used for caching your blog pages. Over 70 % bloggers use this plugin. It helps your blog to load with lightning fast speed. Hence it makes user experience better. Just use it and see the difference.

4. Google XML Sitemaps:- As the name suggest, this plugin creates the xml sitemap of your blog and automatically send it to top search engines. It works automatically once installed. It will update the sitemap every time you wrote a new post. Hence it helps your blog post get indexed fast in search engines.

5. Akismet:- This plugin is used by millions and every new WordPress blog comes with this plugin installed. It helps you find out the spam comments. It saves your time so that you can spend time with real comments written by real people. You have to create an account to get the API for this plugin. But it’s totally free.

6. AskApache Password Protect:- Have you lost your blog in past due to hackers? Do not worry. This simple plugin will make it rock hard to hack your blog. So just use it and keep your blog safe from hackers.

7. Backup WordPress:- This is used to create backup of your blog. You can schedule it also to automate it. Hence if anything wrong happens, then you can instantly upload your backup to get your blog in the previous state. If you are serious about your blog, then you must keep at least 2 copy of your backup.

8. Digg Digg:- How can we forget social sites like Facebook and twitter. So Digg Digg is the plugin which can create social sharing buttons for your blog posts. These buttons can be shown horizontal, vertical, above the post or below the post. Hence it add a great look to your blog simultaneously helps blog reader to share the blog easily.

9. Pretty Link Lite:- Do you want to promote affiliate offers on your blog? if yes then this plugin is for you. Generally affiliate links are ugly. And people don’t click on them so easily. This plugin can make those ugly links short as well as good-looking. Now it has already proved that this plugin increase click-through rate.

10. SimpleReach Slide:- Last plugin in this list is SimpleReach plugin. This plugin adds a slide when readers reach at bottom of the blog post. Hence it encourage readers to read the related post too. It keep the reader on your blog for long time. Just use this plugin and get more page views per visitor to your blog.

So above 10 plugins are the best plugins and I use all of them. Please comment below and let me know which is your favorite  plugin.


  1. Hi Sumit,

    Awesome list! All are winners. Plug ins make your life as a blogger easier. Improve your user experience. Just be easy on adding so as not to compromise blog performance.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Blog performance is first priority.

    Thanks Ryan

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