The Binary Lab Review – Julian Wong Exposed

If you are trading binary options and also active on Facebook, then you are more likely that you know Julian Wong. He is a binary option trader and owner of The Binary Lab. Here we are posting this The Binary Lab review. Read this before you join the Julian Wong.

The Binary Lab – No one Making Money Here


Name – The Binary labthe binary lab review

Website –

Price – $500 Deposit to Broker

Owner – Julian Wong

Overall Rank – 30 out of 100 Points

The Binary Lab Review

What is The Binary lab?

The Binary Lab is a community of traders started by Julian Wong. Julian do live sessions where members can access his live trading screen. Showing the screen show that he is transparent. But how ITM% is also important. Read the binary lab review below to know his itm%.

How much it will Cost?

The Binary Lab is free…….


nothing is free in this world and if it is free then it is not worth it. With The Binary Lab, there is a catch. You have to join the broker through Julian’s Link and deposit $500 minimum. This is how Julian Wong makes money. So Julian says The Binary Lab is free to join but for you its not free.

the binary lab review

Are People making Money With The Binary lab?

A very few people are making money with The binary lab. Those with large balance are making money and those who have low balance end up blowing their whole account. Because Julian take bigger trades after consecutive losses, which you cant take with $500 account balance. ITM% of Julian Wong is barely 50% as reported by some members.

So he can recover the losses by taking big trades, but you can’t.

If he provide a trade and only 2-3 people won that trade and other lost. He will advertise those winning people and those who lost will keep trying to be on winning side. He is active on Facebook and people who win can spread the word very quickly.

Is it worth Trying?

I will say no. I always recommend to try the signal service which provide free trail. But here Julian just need you to deposit in broker account through his link so that he can get commission. This is now common way to make money from people. If you still want to try then go and try but only when you have $500 to lose.

Why I will Lose $500?

Because some of the broker promoted in The Binary Lab are not trusted and regulated. If you deposit to them then you will not get your money back.

the binary lab review


Then how to make money with Binary Options?

To make money with binary options you should learn trading so that you can trade whenever you want. If you don’t want to learn then check our recommended signal services and choose the one which offer free trail. Purpose of this the binary lab review is to save your money.

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