Start Your Money Making Journey From Your Hobby

People usually say it’s my passion, Liking, hobby. These are interrelated words. You can say it anything which you love to do in your free time. Now question is can you earn money from your hobby. Just keep reading to know the answer.

Friends, Let me know do you have any hobby? Because this post is only for those who know exactly what their hobby is. I just want to know, are you doing anything related to your interest or not?

In my opinion, you must have a hobby and you must have a desire to convert your hobby in profession. Let’s take the example of some great people. Bill gates is one of the richest person on earth. But how he became rich? Just think about it. He became rich from his hobby of programming. Let’s take another example of Sachin Tendulkar, one of the greatest cricket player. It was his hobby to play cricket and he turned his hobby into profession.

Now I want to mention few things which you will get when you start converting your hobby into profession.

  • You can live your dream life.
  • You can decide when you want to retire.
  • You will never feel bad when you have more work to do.
  • Your income will not be limited and you can earn as much as you want from your desire

Now if you love doing something, then don’t do that only forĀ  enjoyment. Try to bring your that interest to next level.

what should you do?

  • Be Positive & Set your Mind:- First of all think and decide can you convert your hobby into profession. If you think you cannot do this, then just leave my blog. As you will not be able to do anything in your life. If you cannot do what you just love to do, then there is nothing easier task than this. You have to be positive. Think, about all the people who have achieved a lot like Bill gates. Negative thinking was miles away from their mind. Always ask yourself if he can do that, then why I can’t.
  • Give more time to your hobby:- You love to do something in free time, then try to get some more free time and start doing what you want. You will realize that you are becoming better with time in that task. You can join any short-term course or certification course related to your interest. Try to meet people with similar interest and you will learn a lot.
  • Take Action Right Now:- Most of the people fails here. This is the most important step. People think that they can do, but they just don’t start. Just stand now and take action. Keep in mind only those fails who takes action. And, success stories are always written by those failures. So don’t be afraid being a failure. Just think you don’t need anything. You just want to live your life. Take the risk of living your dream life. Just start the work.
  • Be patient, Don’t think about Money:- Just don’t think about money every time. You have to be patient. Just think about creating value. First, you were just doing the same thing for your own time pass. But here comes the real trick. Now you will do the same thing, but you will monetize it with any product or service. This process may take some time in starting, but once you are familiar with it you will never fail in your life. For example, if you have good knowledge of something, then just start writing blog as I am doing. Create value for people through your knowledge. Then, monetize it with any product or service. If you have got my point, then your life will never be the same.

In the last I just want to say that you will earn money to live the life. But if earning money is the final thing, then why not earn from what you truly love to do. If you like the post, then hit the below social sharing buttons.


  1. It is a wonderful post. I have recently started a site, the info you offer on this web site has helped me greatly. Thanks for all of your time & work.

  2. Thanks Deven

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