Is It Still Profitable To Be An Ebay Seller?

There are a lot of ways to make money online and selling on eBay is one of them. Ebay is the oldest e-commerce website. You can buy anything on there. But have you ever thought of selling on eBay? Things you buy on eBay are sold by same people like you and me.

You can start selling on eBay and make decent profit each month.

But due to increase in the number of eBay sellers it has become very crowded. It is very difficult to sell on eBay for average seller. But those who know the trick are still ahead in this game. And banking a lot of money each month.

I am going to share you the same thing. In this post you will know:-

1. How you can still make profit selling on eBay?

2. How your eBay listing can rank better than 95%  of other eBay listings?

First of all let me tell you how much traffic eBay is attracting each month. According to data provided by compete, eBay is getting around 85 million visitors each month (only us data provided).

Make money with ebay Ebay

And the Alexa ranking of eBay is also around 20. If you can overcome the 95% eBay seller, then you can sell a lot of products. Because 85 million people are looking to buy on eBay each month. Ebay is providing high traffic, you just need to focus on what & how to sell.

Ebay Alexa Rank

 You need products to sell on eBay. There are many companies which will give you products and they will ship for you if any item sold. This is called Drop Shipping. Drop shipping model is very simple.

You sell products on eBay and you drop shipper ship the product directly to your customer. You don’t need to worry about quality control, stock, packing and shipping.

Two trusted drop shippers are mentioned below:-

Now one problem has solved. You have products to sell and there is no headache like packing & shipping. So now you want to know what to sell. You need to do some research for this. It is also very simple.

This tool tells what will sell on eBay.

Now the only problem is competition on eBay. But here is the trick to bypass 95% competition. Lets assume you want to sell Apple iPhone 5s. And if there are already 1000 sellers selling this product.

Your product will be seen by people only if your listing appears in top 15-20 if someone search for Apple iPhone 5s.

I don’t want to waste your time telling about seo. Just follow the eBay guidelines like adding more images, adding your keyword in description etc.

What eBay will not tell you is provided here

In eBay listing, title is the main ranking factor. So just focus on writing good title. To get top ranking just search for your keyword. In this case it is “Apple iPhone 5s”. And check the top 5-10 listings. Look at their titles. These are the titles eBay has given top ranking.

Well you can not just copy and paste other titles as it is.

Try to write similar title and just add some more words or just change the order of last 2-3 words. In this way your title is not infringing eBay policies and your listing will get best possible ranking.

Ebay listing

This is already tested method. Anyone can earn more than $1000 per month with this. Try to scale it up, apply your mind and be your own boss.

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