Empower Network – Scam Review

Here is my honest Empower Network review. I am not mentioning any affiliate link. So feel free to read my honest review. In the end you will be able to decide that Empower Network is scam or real.

Empower Network – A Long Term Scam

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Name: Empower Network

Website: www.empowernetwork.com

Price: $25, $100, $500 Depending Upon Product

Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe

Overall Rank: 35 out of 100 points


What is Empower Network?

Empower Network is basically a pyramid scheme. It often marketed as best opportunity to make money on the internet. A lot of marketers who already have massive list are making money scamming people. I will elaborate why it is a scam and why you need to keep yourself away from Empower Network.

But before I get started I just want to tell you that I have tried empower network personally. So you are reading a review written by someone who have used empower network. You can know more about me here.

How Much Empower Network Cost?

It is often shown that cost to join empower network is just $25. And you can make millions. But this product is promoted very wrongly by internet marketers. Pricing of Empower Network is very high and complex too.

Blogging System ($25/Month) – It is lowest product of Empower Network. If you want to join empower network then it is the minimum you need to pay. And you will get a blog like all others who have joined Empower Network.

That blog will be on empower network domain. So your blog will look like yourname.empowernetwork.com

You will need to write content for your blog. And empower network will own that content. It means you are writing content for others and paying $25 also for providing your service. You will have less control on that blog as there will be affiliate links spread over there to promote the same junk product(Empower Network).

Why pay for these type of blogs when you can get free

E-wallet ($19.99/Month) If you want to receive commissions from Empower Network, Then you need to create E-wallet account which will cost you $19.99/Month. This is hidden fees. No one will tell you about this fee before joining Empower Network. PayPal is not allowing them to use their payment processor.

Inner Circle ($100/Month) – If you pay them extra $100/Month, then you will get access to some audio about some Empower Network Founders & team leaders. When someone join this program under you then you will get commission. But these audio are not worth $100/Month. This type of information is even available free of cost on internet.

Costa Rica Mastermind ($500 one time) – This is video series which will tell you some advance marketing strategies. But focus is only on promoting Empower Network products which are over priced too.

The 15K Formula ($995 One time) – Again this product also has some lengthy videos telling you how to promote Empower Network on YouTube and Facebook. But Facebook and YouTube has banned the Empower Network. So it is completely waste of time and off course waste of $995 too. This is first product banned by Facebook and YouTube.

The Masters Retreat ($3500 one time) –  This is again a series of about 40 motivational videos. Spending $3500 just for motivational videos seems outrageous. They will just motivate to resell $3500 to other people so that you can receive high commission. But again product is not worth $3500.

Pros Vs Cons

There are a lot of cons and few pros with Empower Network. You will have to promote too much expensive product. Even product is also not real. Check all the pros and cons of Empower Network.

Pros :-

  • You will get your own blog built on empower network. e.g yourname.empowernetwork.com


  • It is like all other pyramid schemes.
  • You have to pay $19.99 per month just for payment processor. Why they are not accepting free and trusted payment processor like PayPal.
  • There is no free trial.
  • Your monthly cost will be around $140/month even to learn something and earn from Empower Network.
  • After joining Empower Network, You have to work as sales person selling the same Empower Network to others.
  • This product is filled with too many upsells.
  • You can not talk to owners.
  • There are too many complaints about Empower Network.
  • Banned from Facebook and YouTube.
  • They will keep telling you don’t give up and keep selling you highly priced products.

My Final Thought on Empower Network

First of all there is no real product. All products are digital and over priced too. Secondly you are building your business which is not yours. They will give you blog to write content. But you are writing content for them. If you choose to leave empower network then your content will stay there for them.

Empower Network is all about promoting the same empower network program to other people. Mostly like other pyramid schemes.

Can you tell lie to your friends? Can you deceive your family members and other people. If yes, then Empower Network is for you. Because after joining Empower Network you will have to sell the same product to other people telling lie. Because if you tell them truth, then they will not join.


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I know few people reading this review have already joined Empower Network. Share your thoughts below about Empower Network.

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