China Millionaire Software Review – Scam Like others

Today I am writing this china millionaire software review so that you can decide whether to join china millionaire or avoid it.95% of the reviews I have written are negative. This is also not an exception. It just take me one minute to find that china millionaire software is scam.

China Millionaire Software By Jin Lee


Name – China Millionairechina

Website –¬†

Cost – Broker Signup Required

Owner – Jin Lee

Overall Rank – 15 out of 100 Points

China Millionaire Software Review

What is China Millionaire?

China Millionaire is a software designed to trade binary options automatically. They claim 99.8% accuracy. But according to me it is a crap. Just created to make money for owner using broker affiliate commission.

How much China Millionaire software will cost?

On front page of china millionaire they said it is free. But it is not as they require you to signup at their recommended broker using their link so that they can get commission. This is the same trick used by all other scam binary options software.

Is it possible to make money with China Millionaire software?

I have tried many software and till now none of these generated profit. China millionaire is even bigger scam. I am confident that you will loose your money using china millionaire.

Is China Millionaire a Scam?


I am saying yes, so I have to give you proof.

When I opened the website then spots left were 53 and it was decreasing every few seconds.

china millionaire software review


In next few minutes spots decreased to 8 spots. But I clicked the refresh button given there few times and spots keep increasing with each click.

china millionaire software review


Conclusion:- Just stay away from china millionaire software. This china millionaire software review is written to save your money. If you really want to make money from trading then learn trading from a professional or copy the professional trader.

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