About Me

sumitI’m Sumit Chhikara. I am 23 years old and live in Delhi, India. I started my carrier back in 2007 side by side with my graduation. Now I make full-time living online by different sources.

My Background

I do not have much to tell about my background as until 2007, I was a regular school student like most of the Indians. I completed my senior secondary education in 2007 and got admission in B.tech. At that time my aim was to complete the B.tech to get any job. The idea of B.tech was not mine as it was mental pressure from family also at that point I was clueless.

So, I decided to do B.tech. My father gave me computer and it was the only benefit of my B.tech. I started using computer and soon learn some basics. It takes me around six months to get an internet connection. It is too much time, but yes it’s true. As I live in a small village in Delhi, so at that time there were no internet service providers.

I started using the internet the first time by connecting my PC to my mobile. And, I cannot forgot that day when I was standing on the roof to get network signal in my mobile which was connected to PC via Bluetooth. Those were the days when I was most excited in my life.

Today, around six years have gone. I have achieved a lot just from internet. Now everything has changed. Today I am running my online business. But during these six years, I have spent 12 hours a day on average in front of computer. I have gathered deep knowledge of website designing, SEO, internet marketing, affiliate marketing and much more just by putting a lot of effort and spending many nights in front of computer.

Why I started This Blog?

The idea of starting this blog came to mind in July 2013. Actually I got a call from one of my school friend. He was from average family. He requested me to help him get a job. At that time, none of my friend knew what I do online.

So a lot of questions started to strike in my mind. How to help people make their living working from home? In whole world a lot of people do not have any job. Why they are searching for jobs if they can start working from home and earn a decent income.

So, I decided to start this blog to tell you everything you need to start earning online. Nothing is better than a blog to interact with people. And, with this blog my aim is to reach millions of people to help them. I will hold your hands while you learn each and everything about getting online success. I want to help you and you will know that from today. I have decided to offer free WordPress installation service with absolutely free hosting for lifetime. Now your own blog or website is just one step away from you. And, you are now close to start earning your first dollar online.

Just share this blog on Facebook, twitter and everywhere you can so that a lot of people can get benefit.