5 Things To Do To get Massive Traffic

Every blogger want more traffic to his blog. If you are not getting enough traffic then it does not mean that you are not writing quality articles. Sometimes great content does not generate hits.

There can be several reasons.

Here we will discuss what you can do to get massive traffic to your blog:-

1. Social Sharing Sites:- Well you have written a blog post on your blog. But no body knows about it. Here comes the role of social sharing sites.

Social Sharing sites

Many bloggers have account on Facebook but don’t have on Google+ and twitter.

Let me tell you one thing. Facebook is not only the one site which can drive traffic to your blog. There are many social media sites.

But you must have account on at least 5 sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest.

After publishing your post, share the post on all the social sites mentioned above. Be active on all these sites and within short time you will get many followers.

You can also use publicize plugin to automatically share your latest published post on these social sites. It will save you a lot of time.

You can not under-estimate social media, as people are spending more and more time on these sites.

So use the power of social media like a pro.

2. Write catchy titles:- It does not matter how great content you have written in your post. People don’t read any post if title is not attractive.

Title is the heart of your post.

And people think that if title is good then everything written below will be also good.

To prove this I want you to have look on stumble upon website. You will see a lot of posts there which are getting thousands of visitors.

Just look at titles of these post. You will find them catchy and short. And that’s the reason they have so much traffic.

3. Write list Post:- This is tested and proved formula. If you can write a great list post, then you will surely attract lot of traffic.

Look at some most famous post and you will find that 7 out of 10 are list post.

There is a simple reason behind this. List post always encourage reader to read the next point.

Just think and let me know how many times you have seen a post like 101 things, 11 things, 13 most interesting and so on.

This type of post are shared by lot of people on social media sites and drive massive traffic.

Check out this example below:-

The 101 most useful websites of 2012

4. Don’t write more than 3 lines in a paragraph:- It may look a small thing but it is the difference whether visitor will read your complete post or not.

If you are writing more than 3 lines in a paragraph, then your article will look boring at first look.

5. Use Appropriate Images:- If your article has image, then it will look more attractive. It is recommended to use at least 1 image every 400 words. Your image must be related to topic. You can find related images to use at these websites.

Always give credit to photo owner.

That’s all I have for you. I know you have more things in your mind to drive more traffic. So below is the space for you to express those things.

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